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Within the area of Transports, this business opportunity especially concerns the Renovation and Expansion of the International Airport of Sao Tome and Principe.
This is a highly relevant capital project for an island country, where the only exits to other territories are by air or by sea.
This relevance becomes even more notorious when tourism and the transformation of the country into a turning point for provision of service at regional level, as one of the flags of socioeconomic development.

In Sao Tome and Principe, tourism is an important and growing activity.

Airports are an important part of regional development.

In current times, in the development of regions, borders are less and less decisive, distances increasingly less restrictive and the interrelationship of populations and economies is ever greater.
The airport infrastructure thus appears, in this context, with increased importance as integrating poles on the different regions and important assets in the definition of new regional geographies.

Also for reasons related to the sustainability of the construction and renovation of the International Airport of Sao Tome and Principe, the reconstruction of buildings and more modern equipment, changing its conservative and outdated architecture for a contemporary and bold architecture, even thus preserving its cultural values, also taking into account the environmental protection and economic advantages.
The opportunity and proposed intervention at Sao Tome and Principe International Airport will cover, in particular, the airport infrastructure, more specifically, the airport terminal with fuel supply area, which is the basis for the operation of the air transport.

The proposed work is innovative since it does not exist, so far, it has not yet been carried out in Sao Tome and Principe.

The airport is currently in operation, having already undergone several transformations over time, although none of them has been significant to the point of filling all the deficits, so it needs numerous interventions at the structural, aesthetic and, mainly, functional level.
As a microstate, STP will continue to face significant challenges in overcoming its insularity, such as strengthening its economic base, trying to implement more infrastructure, increase air connections, increase the market and try to combat its vulnerability to natural shocks and climate change.

In STP in recent times, tourism has been seen as one of the main engines of economic, social and political development.
The country has achieved greater visibility in international tourism agencies, due to the fact of foreign investment and more effective marketing actions.
The air connections to the country have increased, leading to a decrease in transport costs and making the country more competitive.

While there is potential, it is important to bear in mind that there is still a long way to go in the field of tourism in Sao Tome and Principe.

An airport is extremely important equipment for a country/city, especially with globalization: this is the starting point for the population to be in contact with other cultural aspects, stimulating tourism and develop the economy.
Transport is the main link between peoples, cities and countries, therefore, the modernization and improvement of transport infrastructure contributes to the economic and social development of regions, as it allows the mobility of people, goods and correspondence, enabling interaction with economies in this increasingly globalized world.

One last note, the airport runway needs to be expanded as it does not meet the internationally recommended requirements.
This work, which includes at least, the extending the runway by another 600 metres, half of which will be over the sea, will start at the beginning of next year and should take around four years and was offered by the Chinese Government.

China has proposed to contribute, as a donation, around US$100 million for the modernization of Sao Tome International Airport, more specifically in the project to increase the length of the runway over the sea.
For more than three years, technicians from Chinese companies have been carrying out technical studies, but there are some previous actions that the Sao Tome side has to complete
 before that, namely the issue of the transfer of land for the installation of the construction site for the expansion zone of the runway, solve the issue of access to the airport, the extension of the electricity network and the guarantee of water for the work.

Talk to us and get more details about the Project of Renovation and Expansion of the International Airport of Sao Tome and Principe and other Transport Business Opportunities in the country.


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